Are you trying to raise your child together with a co-parent who is toxic or emotionally unstable?

Do you feel your partner is

 ♦ not in it together with you,

 ♦ is working against you,

 ♦ or perhaps even seems like just another child for you to take care of?

Do you worry about how you’re going to protect your child from growing up in a dysfunctional home?

Have you been around emotional abuse for so long that you no longer feel like you know who you are or what normal looks like anymore?

Living with a lack of validation, predictability, or healthy communication can certainly take its toll on anybody

It doesn’t have to be this way

 There are things you can do that will allow you to raise your children in a healthy environment

 You can learn how to:

 ♦ de-escalate conflict

 ♦ use mirroring and validation to help your partner calm down

 ♦ stay firm and set boundaries

 ♦ recognize misunderstandings and clear them up

 ♦ and so much more!


After taking this course, you will have coping skills in your hand for when your partner

 ♦ tries to manipulate you

 ♦ has an emotional storm or

 ♦ blames you for things that are not your fault


You will have tools for stopping difficult interactions in their tracks




Hi I am….

Mirel Goldstein, MS, MA, LPC

I am a psychotherapist with 18 years of experience helping families, individuals, and couples learn to live their lives more fully, freely, and happily. As an expert on psychoanalysis and personality disorders, I have offered trainings and consultations for organizations, families, and clinicians on: Mentalization based techniques for borderline personality disorder; how to talk to someone who has narcissistic tendencies; communication skills that work when someone is emotionally dysregulated, in a rage, or defensive; and how to understand and accept the limitations of those we love when they’re here to stay. I also teach parenting classes and help parents who want to make sure that their children develop a secure attachment to them. This course is a culmination of many years of experience and study and it’s my pleasure to bring it to you in this affordable, self-study format!

Introducing the course that will give you back your power and your hope!

With compassion and clarity, I will lead you through an in-depth conceptual understanding of what’s going on in your relationship, and I will also teach you what to say and what to do to manage toxic or difficult interactions in ways that don’t make things worse and that often can make things much better.

You can learn how to:

♦ de-escalate conflict 

♦ use mirroring and validation to help your partner calm down 

♦ stay firm and set boundaries 

♦ recognize misunderstandings and clear them up 

♦ and so much more!

Module 1

During this week’s module, we will learn about some common issues that come up in communications or interactions with someone who has a difficult personality or who is emotionally unstable. We will also discuss the role of emotions in relationships.

Module 2

In this week’s module we will discuss reflective listening and validation skills. I will give you some homework assignments at the end to help you learn these skills. Reflective Listening sounds simple but it is really a very sophisticated technique that has to be done right to work!

Module 3

In this week’s module, we will discuss how to manage interactions that involve being manipulated, set up, guilted, or played with. Some people are very good at getting themselves off the hook to avoid being held  responsible or accountable by others. This week we will look at how to deal with this effectively.

Module 4

In this week’s module, we will learn how to use mentalization skills to reduce emotional reactivity and to decrease misunderstandings during your interactions with your partner.

Module 5

In this week’s module, we will discuss some issues that come up when trying to co-parent with a difficult person. We will talk  issues having to do with protecting your children from the effects of the other parent’s behavior, how to talk to your children about what is going on, and how to manage your own anxieties about the impact of your co-parent’s issues on your child/children.


In addition to the final module which reviews and pulls together all of the course material learned so far, you will get access to valuable supplemental materials that will further your understanding of your partner’s behaviors and their effects on yourself and your children.

What People Are Saying

“I found the quote from the article on Projection and the case study on Sarah mind-blowing given my situation, very deep, gave me a lot to think about…wow!”


“A huge thank-you to Mirel Goldstein of Goldstein Therapy for her excellent course. She is the first therapist that I know of to cover this topic in depth. Her expert analysis and on-target insight on toxic personalities, blew me away – from the very first lesson! I felt like she got me and my situation and was right there beside me, guiding me to understand my co-parent and giving me strategies that could help to improve my marriage. It’s hard work but so worthwhile! I highly recommend this course!”


 “I think your course is amazing, you express things very clearly, with both wisdom and compassion! The reflective listening module was so particularly helpful; I see that this really works and does calm my spouse down!”

This All Sounds Great But…

Question #1: When does the course start and finish?

Answer #1: The course officially takes 6 weeks to complete, although you can complete it at a slower or faster pace if you want to! Purchasing this course will give you access to all of the material for 6 months. 

Question #2: What if I purchase the course and then see that it's not for me?

Answer #2: No problem! I’ll be happy to give you a refund, no questions asked!

Question #3: What if I have questions during the course?

Answer #3: You will be able to email me questions at any time during the 6 weeks that you are taking the course…and you will have access to my expertise and to timely responses from me.

Question #4: How much time do I need to dedicate to the course each week?

Answer #4: Approximately 1 hour per week should be enough time for you to complete the course materials for the week.

Question #5: What format are the course materials in?

Answer #5: You will have access to powerpoint videos, powerpoint slides, worksheets, video transcripts, and articles. 

Question #6: What if I want to go faster or slower than 6 weeks for the course?

Answer #6: No problem! You will have access to the course materials for 6 months and can go as slowly or quickly as you want to!

Question #7: Is this course the same as therapy?

Answer #7: No this course is educational in nature and teaches you skills as well as offers insights.

Question #8: Will this course make me feel worse about my co-parent?

Answer #8: The tone of this course is very compassionate and focuses on effective action rather than devaluation or bitterness; it should not make you feel worse about your partner or co-parent.

Copyright © 2019 Goldstein Therapy Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 

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